ogle brothers general store handmade chicken cooker
January 24, 2023

Ogle Brothers General Store is an incredible place to visit while you’re in town! Locally owned and operated, this general store has a little bit of everything, from apparel to body care products. But it also has some unique items you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and we want to share our favorites with you! Check out these 8 unique things you will find at Ogle Brothers.

1. Bacon Cooker

handmade bacon cooker from ogle brothers general store

You may already know that the pottery you will find in this general store is handmade in the store. You’ll be able to easily spot beautiful pieces, like a pie plate, mugs, and spoon rests. But when you walk up on the bacon cooker, you may not be too sure what it is. This unique dish is designed to cook several pieces of bacon in the oven at once and collect the grease so you can use it later!

2. Chicken Cooker

Another unique pottery find at Ogle Brothers General Store is the chicken cooker. This round dish has a hole in the middle that’s hollow, and that’s where you place all of your delicious seasonings and liquids to flavor your roasted chicken. The meat sits in the bowl, and you cook it to perfection! Just like all the other pottery items, this dish comes in an array of colors to match your kitchen.

3. Cornbread Scented Candle

cornbread scented candle from ogle brothers general store

There are some pretty unique candle scents out there in the world, but one of them is at Ogle Brothers, and it’s called Cornbread! This candle is hand poured and made from soy wax. And it truly smells like baking cornbread!

4. Goat Milk Lotion

There’s a whole collection of products at Ogle Brothers General Store that may have you turning your head the first time you see them! You’ve seen lotion before, but this general store carries goat milk lotion in a variety of scents. You may just find your new favorite!

5. National Park Sign Mugs

national park sign handmade made from ogle brothers general store

There’s no shortage of Smoky Mountain themed gifts in the area to help you remember your trip. But we can guarantee you won’t find anything like these Great Smoky Mountain National Park sign mugs. Each one is modeled after a hiking trail sign of some of the most popular ones in the park.

6. Banana Butter

Ogle Brothers doesn’t just have unique items you use. They also have interesting foods you’ll want to try! And that includes this banana butter. You’ve seen apple butter before, but you’ll definitely want to try this unusual product!

7. Garlic Jelly

garlic jelly from ogle brothers general store

We’ve seen pepper jelly and fruit jelly, but we can’t say that we’ve seen garlic jelly before! This sweet and savory combo would be perfect for people who love to combine flavors!

8. Pickled Brussel Sprouts

Some people are huge pickle lovers, and if you’re one of those people, you need to try pickled brussel sprouts! This is a unique item because we can promise you’ve never seen it before! It could be great in salads, pastas, and other unique dishes!

Now you know about some of the most interesting things you can find at Ogle Brothers General Store! We promise you’ll have a blast browsing through this store while you’re on vacation. Have you started planning your trip yet? Start by booking one of our Sevierville hotel rooms, which is right by this store!

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